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York Chillers
Industrial & Commercial HVAC Chillers for Sustainable Solutions

With YORK® Chiller Solutions from Johnson Controls, we help you respond to your building efficiency needs by providing the widest variety water and air-cooled industrial and commercial chillers on the market. From reducing your facility’s carbon footprint, to delivering a healthier indoor environment and cutting energy costs, we create smaller, more energy efficient chillers tailored to fit almost any comfort or process cooling application – even heating.

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    Capacity 15-65 Tons (50-225 kW)

    Minimize the total cost of ownership for your air conditioning application with our YCAL Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller. This air-cooled chiller uses scroll compressor technology and is a reliable, completely self-contained unit that is designed for easy, low-cost outdoor installation.

    YCAL Air-Cooled Chillers feature a single-point power connection for reduced wiring costs, industry leading environmentally friendly design, high energy efficiency, and a light, small unit to maximize your usable space.


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    Capacity 55-175 Tons (195-615 kW)

    Efficient, Sustainable & Flexible 

    YORK® YLAA air-cooled scroll chillers' all-in-one package is a true plug and play system that provides superb efficiency and performance. The chiller is completely self-contained and is designed for outdoor installation. Chillers include zero-ozone-depletion refrigerant (R-410A), hermetic scroll compressors, a liquid evaporator, air-cooled condenser, and a weather resistant microprocessor control center, all mounted on a formed steel base.


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    Capacity 150-500 Tons (525-1,750 kW)

    Smart, Sustainable & Silent

    Harness the power to lower your annual energy costs by as much as half with our YVAA Air-Cooled Variable Speed Drive Screw Chiller from YORK. This variable speed chiller provides superior performance while lowering energy consumption and dramatically reducing noise levels. YVAA variable speed chillers are much more than the sum of their parts, giving you elevated efficiency through advanced heat exchangers and smart controls. Take a step forward and leave a smaller footprint with a chiller as unique as your cooling needs.

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    Capacity 150-515 Tons (530-1,805 kW)

    Featuring Quiet Operation 

    At YORK® by Johnson Controls, they use the best in modern screw compressor design to bring you the YCIV/ YCAV Air-Cooled Variable Speed Drive Screw Chiller. This air-cooled screw chiller gives you all the benefits of traditional air-cooled chillers without the compromise – enjoy high energy efficiency plus a quiet operation that will keep neighbors happy.

    Our YCIV/YCAV air-cooled screw chiller provides superior control and industry leading efficiency, delivering lower equipment and installation costs and driving down the total cost of ownership.

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    Available Models Ranging from 50-200 Tons (175-630 kW)

    At Johnson Controls, the YORK® YCWL Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller was developed to deliver superior efficiency while helping you stay environmentally friendly. Today’s concerns about electricity costs and climate change are causing many building owners to employ more energy-efficient HVAC technology, and YCWL Water-Cooled Scroll Chillers give you the flexibility to do just that.

    With the capacity to meet cooling requirements for a wide range of commercial and industrial facilities, get the performance you want from your cooling equipment with a YCWL.

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    YORK® YS water-cooled screw chillers are extremely versatile machines, offering an ideal solution for comfort and process cooling. YS chillers can easily adapt for industrial applications such as brine cooling, ice thermal storage, and heat pump applications.

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    Capacity 125-300 TR (440-1,055 kW) YORK® has manufactured and designed the YVWA Water-Cooled Variable Speed Screw Chiller to address four primary requirements – efficiency, application flexibility, sustainability, and confidence. With infinite chiller configurations to help you achieve your goals, the YVWA chiller features the ability to reduce compressor speed, which means increased energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint. The YVWA Water-Cooled Variable Speed Screw Chiller delivers superior energy performance at all operating hours. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of just one chiller for many applications. Learn More

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    Capacities from 165-1000 TR (580-3,500 kW) YORK® helps you reduce your energy consumption and increase efficiency with the YMC2 Centrifugal Magnetic-Drive Chiller. Featuring state-of-the-art design and active magnetic-bearing technology, this magnetic bearing chiller addresses the most pressing concerns of facility owners – energy, sustainability, sound, and uptime. With a reduction in noise of about 50 percent when compared to competitors' chillers, the YMC2 magnetic bearing chiller is an advanced solution that will keep you a step ahead of the game. Learn More
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    Wide-Ranging Capacity from 250-3,000 TR (880-10,550 kW) Whether your facility is a school, hospital, high rise building, or a data center, our YORK® YK Centrifugal Water Chiller can handle your unique needs. Johnson Controls has engineered this water-cooled centrifugal chiller to deliver the ultimate in real-world performance and offer an exclusive combination of benefits, like lowest total cost of ownership, leading sustainable chiller design, and an unprecedented array of innovations. Only YORK® offers this level of innovation, including our own chiller-specific variable speed drive. Learn More

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