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  1. hongsenlogo

    ODF & SAE Filter Driers  

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  2. emersonlogo

    Liquid Line Filter Drier
    1/4" SAE 
    Model : EK052

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  3. emersonlogo

    ADK Core Style Liquid Line Filter Drier

    1/2" 30Cu (Sae) Flare 
    Part# Pcn 060173
    Model: ADK-304 

    5/8" 16Cu (Sae) Flare
    Part# Pcn 059842
    Model: ADK-165

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  4. muellerlogo

    DRYMASTER Liquid Line Flare Drier

    Maximum working pressure (PS): 667 psig
    Maximum working temperature: 160°F/70°C
    Compatible with all CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants and oils, and refrigerants requiring XHII desiccant
    UL/cUL Listed, CE Certified
    Solid core design, composed of 80% molecular sieves / 20% activated alumina for exceptional moisture and acid removal
    High retention filter for removal of particulate as small as 25 microns
    High pressure shell and connections
    Powder paint finish approved for marine applications

    Available Sizes:
    1/4" 3Cu (Sae) 
    Part# A16600; Part# A16640

    7/8" 41Cu (Odf) 
    Part# A16667

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  5. Danfoss Logo

    Burn-out Filter Drier Core
    Type: 48-DA
    Solid core for acid adsorption after burnout.
    Refrigerants: R22, R134a, R404A and R507.
    Model#: 023U5381

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  6. Danfoss Logo

    Filter Drier Core for DCR
    Type: 48-DC
    Solid core with moisture and acid adsorption properties. 
    - 3Å Molecular Sieve fully compatible with R134a and R404A. 
    - Activated aluminium oxide for acid adsorption. 
    Refrigerants: R22, R134a, R404A and R507.
    Compatible with blends containing R124, R125, R134a/
    R143a, R152a, R218, R23 and R32.
    Model#: 023U4381
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